Commercial Door Hardware

Your doors are only as protective and functional as their hardware. To make sure your doors perform how they’re supposed to and when they’re supposed to, we offer state-of-the-art commercial door hardware built by leading manufacturers in the industry.

At Design Supply Doors, we are a one-stop-shop for all things commercial doors. Whether you’re constructing a hotel or a hospital or anything in between, our vast collection of commercial door hardware types can fill virtually any need. Many of our products are ADA Compliant and adhere to the highest safety and quality standards to protect your building and your investment.

Builders hardware products


The biggest value that door closers add is safety: from fire, intruders, and more. Door closers can also offer mobility, sustainability, and usefulness depending on the design. Typically, the three factors you will need to consider when choosing a door closer are building traffic, building codes, and protective needs. 

When you work with Design Supply Doors, you have a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts on your side. We will use your building’s specific needs and aesthetic design to choose the right closer for your project. 

Types of commercial door closers

Regular arm overhead closer

Top jamb overhead closer

Parallel arm overhead closer

Concealed closers

Surface-mounted closers

Floor-spring closers


Hinges are what connect your door to the frame. Hinges vary in how they connect, what they look like, and what applications they’re best for.

For interior and exterior commercial doors, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to hinges. For exterior hinges, durability and protection are the two biggest factors—making butt hinges or flush hinges a great option. With interior commercial doors, design and usability are usually more important than durability. Because of this, double-action spring door hinges and butterfly hinges are common choices.

Types of commercial door hinges

Butt hinges

Flush hinges

Continuous hinges

Spring hinges

Electric transfer hinges

Hospital tip hinges

Invisible hinges

Swing clear hinges

Butterfly hinges

Double-action spring hinges


When designing your commercial building, locks are one of the most important finishing touches. To choose between the multiple options available on the market today, you only have to ask yourself one question: what area am I securing?

Different areas typically require different types of locks. For example, deadbolts are a common choice for external doors for commercial buildings because of their added security against forced entry. Lever handle knobs are more common for interior commercial doors because they can be easily turned and are ADA accessible.

Our experts can help guide this discussion around the types of you might need for your commercial building.

Types of commercial door locks


Lever handle knobs

Electronic locks

Cam locks

Rim or mortise locks

Interchangeable core (IC) cylinders


In the case of an emergency, commercial panic hardware is extremely important to have. Exit devices or panic bars allow you to automatically unlock doors that open to the outside during certain conditions, while still keeping them locked from the outside.

Other names for this type of device are panic bar, crash bar, panic device, or push bar. Typically they use a mechanism that is spring-loaded, meaning when the horizontal metal bar is pushed on the door, it automatically unlatches the door to let occupants leave immediately. Many local regulations and building codes require panic doors in public buildings or spaces where 50+ people may be present at one time.

Types of commercial door panic hardware

Rim-style exit device

Mortise-style exit device

Surface/concealed exit device


We offer commercial door weatherstripping installation to help increase your building’s energy efficiency by protecting it from outside events. Door frame weatherstripping is installed at the top, bottom, and sides of your door to seal out air leaks, prevent drafts, and protect against dust particles when the door is closed.

Having the right type of weatherstrip will protect your building and your bottom line against water, smoke, dust, and insects. We offer multiple types of weatherstrips to meet nearly every application of commercial doors.

Types of commercial door weatherstrips

Screw-on perimeter jamb

Adhesive smoke/sound seal

Our Manufacturers

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the best products available on the market today. From handles and locks for sliding doors to integrated hinges, our wide variety of innovative and high-quality products and manufacturers is what makes us stand out from the competition.