Toilet Accessories

All the small and necessary components to finish the least thought of but perhaps most important space in your facility – the bathroom! Toilet accessories are critical for form, function, and sanitation.

Hands-free or Hands-on

Design Supply Doors is happy to supply any and all products for your facility bathroom – all of which are not connected to a pipe! Our broad portfolio includes a number of solutions which offer hands-free or hands-on products for any type of facility.

Soap Dispensers

Automatic, hands-free or traditional – we offer a wide variety of soap dispenser options to meet the needs for your specific facility.

Toilet Paper and Paper-Towel Dispensers

The most critical components of your bathroom are not exciting or often fun to talk about but without these key dispensers, your facility might get a bit crappy.

Hand Dryers

Sanitation and sound are critical with selection of hand dryers for your bathroom facilities. We’ll help you select an option that meets both needs.

Grab Bars

With a broad selection of grab bars for toilet compartments or showers, let us help you ensure your bathroom facility meets all ADA requirements and is functional for all users.

Baby Changing Stations

For the smallest but most important bathroom visitors, we offer several baby changing station options which provide safe and sanity solutions for any diaper changing situation!

Our Manufacturers

We are open direct with all major manufacturers of commercial hardware, which allows us to not only stock a vast inventory of products that can meet quick turnaround times but also offer competitive pricing to our customers.

Get in Touch

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