Commercial Wood Doors

Compared to other types of commercial doors, commercial wood doors offer myriad visual and financial benefits. Many businesses choose wood doors for their commercial business because of their inherent versatility, efficiency, and price point. And unlike other applications, wood doors also offer an aesthetically pleasing appeal to nearly any style of office decor, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Commercial Wood Door Design & Installation Services

At Design Supply Doors, our commercial wood doors will add interest and personalization to any commercial building, from offices and hotels to schools and hospitals. No matter the project, we have the tools and hardware needed to shut out the competition.

Your Trusted Subcontractor

Our team has developed a reputation as a trusted subcontractor in the industry through our unwavering commitment to service and quality. Our team is highly experienced in designing, providing, and installing wood doors that look as good as they perform.

Types Of Commercial Wood Doors

We offer a wide variety of commercial wood doors to fit any need and budget. From protection against sound, firearms, or fire to beautiful stile and rail doors, our wood doors are guaranteed to make your next project a huge success.

And to help further customize your doors to your needs, we maintain a vast collection of Builders Hardware options available from over 50+ manufacturers.

Wood Bulletproof Doors

Commercial bulletproof doors come in a variety of materials, including wood. Our wood bulletproof doors offer protection from small firearms up to rifles and are ideal for commercial buildings, schools, and more. In addition to a high level of protection, wood bulletproof doors are also more attractive than other similar doors and come with a multitude of customization options. 

Custom-designed commercial wood doors

We have the ability to custom design your door to fit nearly any need and budget. From commercial wood doors with glass windows to custom-designed stile and rail wood doors, our team offers expertise in supply, service, and installation of all things commercial doors.

Fire-rated doors

Architectural-grade, fire-rated wood doors can make a world of difference in case of a fire event at your facility. Our commercial fire-rated wood doors are made up of UL tested materials and offer a single from 20-minute to 90-minute fire rating. Additionally, our fire-rated doors are designed to fit seamlessly into the current design of your building, helping them blend in rather than stand out. 

Fire doors are often used on openings for mechanical rooms, stairwells, storage rooms, and closets to act as a barrier wall in the event of a fire. That way if a fire would occur in those spaces, the doors would shut and block off the fire from spreading more. 

Flush wood doors

Flush doors offer a modern, contemporary style to any commercial office space. Customers have the ability to choose from a wide range of veneers and laminate options, plus core options like a commercial solid core wood door to truly personalize their space. 

Prehung commercial doors

When it comes to replacing a door, a prehung commercial door unit can be an effective and efficient option. Because it is already mounted onto the frame, pre-drilled, and mortised, the turnaround time can be much faster than other units. 

Sliding wood doors

No matter what application you require, our selection of sliding wood doors will meet your needs. We offer commercial sliding wood doors that are easy to install, visually attractive, and highly durable, making them a great addition to any room and any budget.

STC doors

STC, or Sound Transmission Class, defines how soundproof a door is. We have developed STC doors that reduce unwanted noise and are ideal for a variety of commercial interior wood door needs, including government buildings, school band rooms, conference rooms, performance halls, hotel rooms, and more.  

Stile & rail doors

If you’re looking for doors for renovating historic buildings or adding extra style to your facilities, stile and rail doors for commercial spaces are a great idea. Our stile and rail doors feature raised and flat panel elevations that offer architectural interest and high-quality performance that will last for years to come. 

Commercial Interior Wood Doors vs. Commercial Exterior Doors

Internal and external commercial doors play completely different roles in your commercial building. External doors must stand up to extreme temperatures, unruly weather, and tougher wear and tear. For many applications, metal doors are a better fit for commercial exterior doors.

Interior doors, on the other hand, are often more for aesthetic value than protection against outside elements and safety concerns. Commercial interior wood doors are often more attractive and interesting than exterior doors, while still providing immense benefits like soundproofing a room and versatile design options. Wood doors can be customized to fit a variety of hardware applications, so you can find the perfect commercial wooden door for your project.

Our Manufacturers

We are open with several major manufacturers of Commercial Wood Doors, which allows us to not only stock a vast inventory of products that can meet quick turnaround times but also offer competitive pricing to our customers.

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