Commercial Steel Doors

When it comes to materials, metal doors are known for their longevity, insulation, and durability. Commercial steel doors outlast wood doors by 10+ years, making them one of the best values in the industry when performance is the priority.

Commercial Hollow Metal Door Design & Installation Services

If you’re looking for a cost-effective door option that protects your building against weather, fire, and burglary, commercial hollow metal doors are a great choice. And with our unwavering commitment to quality combined with our vast selection of products and services, our commercial steel doors solutions look as good as they perform.

New and Retrofit Options

Whether your commercial construction project is a completely new building or a renovation of an existing space, we offer a full line of state-of-the-art standard and customizable hollow metal doors and frames.

Experience You Can Trust

Using years of experience and the best materials available on the market today, we provide commercial door installation services and support for buildings of all types, from offices and hotels to schools and hospitals. No matter the project, we have the tools and hardware needed to shut out the competition.

Wide Variety of Options

We offer different finishes for commercial hollow metal doors, including metal that’s painted to look like wood and factory-painted hollow metal doors. And to help further customize your doors to your needs, we maintain a vast collection of Builders Hardware options available from over 50+ manufacturers.

Types Of Commercial Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are made using channel reinforced steel sheets that are filled with protective insulation materials around key areas. Our commercial hollow metal doors come in a variety of different styles and finishes to help personalize your space without sacrificing durability.

1-panel and 2-panel Doors

A traditional take on commercial steel doors. We offer both 1-panel and 2-panel door designs to make sure your commercial building has what it needs to complete the look. Whether you’re installing a hollow metal door in a historic building or have a classic office design, our panel metal doors offer traditional style combined with next-level security.

Bulletproof Doors

When increased safety is desired, such as in government buildings, schools, and other high-crime areas, steel bulletproof doors offer an added level of protection. Our bullet resistant hollow metal doors come in different levels depending on what your building requires. We recommend working with a security professional to decide what your appropriate resistance level is. 

Stile & Rail Doors

For added style, try hollow metal stile and rail doors. With a wide variety of styles and types of inserts available, these doors allow for ultimate customization and design flexibility. Our stile and rail offer architectural interest and our state-of-the-art materials provide high-quality performance that will last for years to come. 

STC Doors

STC, or Sound Transmission Control, doors help block out unwanted sounds from desired areas. Hollow metal STC doors provide next-level privacy to help eliminate noise distraction, making them a great option for conference rooms, buildings near roads or airports, recording studios, or government facilities. 

Fire-Rated Steel Doors

To help stop the spread of fire, fire-rated steel doors provide the highest level of protection. Hollow metal fire doors are more affordable and effective than wood fire doors, offering up to a 3-hour fire-rating. When you want to protect your investments from the impact of a fire event, fire doors made of steel are the best option.

borrowed lites steel door frame

Borrowed Lites Frame

Borrowed lite frames have fixed glass that functions like a window in protective spaces, usually indoors. They allow light to pass from one room into another while still protecting and securing a space with high-quality materials. 

Sidelites Frame

Sidelite frames are adjacent to a door, either on one side or both, that allows light to pass into a room. These panels can be used in place of glass for added security and support. 

Design Supply sidelites door frame

Our Manufacturers

We are open direct with all major manufacturers of commercial hardware, which allows us to not only stock a vast inventory of products that can meet quick turnaround times but also offer competitive pricing to our customers.