Commercial Bathroom Stalls

When designing and constructing a facility, seemingly simple rooms can easily be overlooked. But areas like bathrooms can be a deciding factor for many customers on whether or not they’ll return to your business.

Our commercial bathroom design and installation services help your team create a functional space that makes customers feel comfortable and safe. And with our Design 10 expertise, we’re a one-stop-shop for every item you may need when it comes to commercial bathroom stalls.

Types of Commercial Bathroom Stalls

We specialize in metal, plastic, and fiberglass commercial bathroom stalls. These options will help you maximize your budget alongside your design options. We also offer customized styles and materials as well, like wood bathroom stalls.  

No matter what type of commercial bathroom stall you want, we can make it happen.

Best material for toilet partitions

Wondering what type of material is best for bathroom stalls? Typically it depends on the amount of traffic you’ll have in your bathroom and what your budget is. Let’s break down the main types of toilet partitions.


Straightforward, Affordable Option

Metal toilet partitions are the most common option when it comes to commercial bathroom installation. Metal is more economical than many other choices and with a smooth and clean finish, it still offers an aesthetically pleasing design—making it a good option for basic corporate projects. 

But, metal toilet stalls don’t come in many colors or options like some of the other materials. Plus, because they show dents and scratches easier, they’re considered slightly less durable than some of the other options. 

All in all, these are a great option when budget is the highest priority.


Customizable Durability

Solid plastic bathroom stalls are extremely durable and resistant to a wide variety of issues like mold, moisture, and rust. They’re easy to clean and can withstand even the heaviest duty cleaners. Typically, they’re made using a 1’ thick piece of solid plastic that can be customized to a wide variety of styles and colors.

When you need durability matched with aesthetic appeal, solid plastic bathroom partitions are an ideal choice.


Superior Safety and Strength

Fiberglass offers the same benefits as traditional plastic bathroom stalls, but with added reinforcement. Fiberglass toilet partitions are extremely durable and easy to clean, making them a great option for areas where safety and security are more of a concern.

Schools and hospitals often choose this type of material because of its ability to offer the highest level of sanitation and variety in colors and types.

While commercial fiberglass toilet stalls are one of the more expensive options on the market, the benefits are second to none.

Our services for commercial bathroom partitions

Standard and Unique Design

Working closely alongside your team, we design efficient and attractive commercial bathroom stall partitions that make sense for your needs and budget. From metal to fiberglass to everything in between, we have experience with a wide variety of design options and can tackle nearly any project.

Commercial Bathroom Partition Installation

Unlike some of our competitors, we offer both design and installation for commercial bathroom stalls. This helps your team streamline all the services from start to finish with a dedicated expert who understands what your team wants—and knows how to make it happen.

Division 8 and 10 Expertise

What truly sets us apart from our competition is our Div 10 expertise. As a Div 10 supplier, we can outfit your project with every supplemental accessory it needs, like toilet paper holders and soap dispensers. No matter what your team needs, we can truly provide a one-stop-shop to make it happen.

Our Manufacturers

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the best products available on the market today. Our wide variety of innovative and high-quality products and manufacturers is what makes us stand out from the competition.